Monthly Club Meetings

May 20th 7:00 pm
Union Scenic Regional Library

April 15th 7:00 pm
Gary R. Lucy Gallery 231 West Main St. Washington, MO

Gary Lucy Studio has been a fixture on West Main Street in Washington, MO for as long as most of us can remember. Growing up in the Missouri bootheel, Lucy never envisioned a life in art. Starting college at Southeast Missouri State University in 1967, Lucy’s goal was to get his CPA with a degree in marketing and advertising. His career path changed after taking a drawing class with a friend. That one event led to his discovering a love and aptitude for art that caused him to change his goal to teaching art, with the idea that doing so would allow him to eventually

become a full time artist. From there the rest is history. In 1973, Lucy received his first taste of national exposure by winning second place in the Federal Duck competition. That was the beginning of many more awards and commissions that have kept him steadily working and creating a large body of impressive works that can be seen nationwide. A visit to the Gary Lucy Gallery is a must see for anyone visiting Washington, MO. To find out more about Gary’s life and work, visit his website at:

March 18th 7:00 pm
Union Scenic Regional Library

Michael Bauermeister is a well known American sculptor who just happens to live in Augusta, Missouri. Michael’s work is in collections worldwide from The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC to the US Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Kiev. Michael attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, then earned a degree in sculpture at the Kansas City

Art Institute. After graduation he moved to Augusta and began designing and making custom furniture. Not giving up on his dream to sculpt, he experimented by sculpting wooden bowls which eventually led to his moving in to what he refers to as “human scale” wooden sculpture. Please don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Michael himself.

February 19th 7:00 pm
Union Scenic Regional Library

Veronica will be demonstrating her overall painting process of starting a painting with abstract shapes and then whittling down/carving out her subject. She will be talking about how she starts out with simple forms and values and how that helps her

decide if the painting will work overall and then gradually works towards more detail and how working this way allows her to speed up her process and have a finished painting in less time, then choose whether or not to add or leave out various details.