Room For Art Gallery

Since 2021, a full-service gallery for area artists and craftspeople located in downtown Washington.

The Creative at Klondike

A community art center featuring events, exhibitions and workshops located in Klondike park, located on Hwy 94 east of Augusta.

East Central College

Our district community college offers a full fine arts curriculum leading to an Associates of Fine Arts degree, as well as Community Education classes for all ages and interests. The ECC gallery displays a variety of curated exhibitions throughout the year, including an annual MMFAS member show. ECC is headquartered on Prairie Dell and Hwy 50 in Union, MO.

Steelville Arts Council

A community arts organization representing the Steelville area, with connections to Gallery Zeke and Heartland Arts.

Ozark Potters Guild

A group of ceramic artists centered around the Steelville area.

Solarium Productions

A Franklin County-based marketing firm including Show Me Artists online representation.

Four Rivers Arts Council

A non-profit whose mission is to advance visual, literary and performing arts in Washington and neighboring communities.

Washington Area Chamber of Commerce

A great place to see what’s going on in Washington.

Downtown Washington

Focused on events in Washington’s historic district., formerly ACOW

Another place to find out about events.

Scenic Regional Library

All branch locations offer meeting opportunities. The Hermann branch includes a gallery with calls for submissions.

Wildwood Green Arts

A ceramics organization offering studio access, workshops and scheduled classes located in Wildwood.

ArtWorks on Main

A community arts venue located in Owensville.

Arts Rolla

A regional arts organization founded in 1985 to support visual, literary and performing arts.

Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Art Gallery

St. Clair venue for display and workshops.